LOAN RATES* (Effective 02/01/2021)


Annual Percentage Rate As Low As


Auto & Motorcycle Loan- Apply Now

1.74%*  24 Months
1.99%*  36 Months
2.24%*  48 Months
2.49%*  60 Months
2.74%*  72 Months
2.99%*  84 Months

Recreational Loan- Apply Now

2.99%*  24 Months
3.24%*  36 Months
3.49%*  48 Months
3.74%*  60 Months
3.99%*  72 Months
4.24%*  84 Months
4.49%*  96 Months
4.99%*  120 Months
4.99%*  144 Months


180 months
RV, Camper & Titled Fish House Loans Only


 240 months
RV, Camper & Titled Fish House Loans Only

Signature Loan- Apply Now

9.24%** 24 Months
9.49%** 36 Months
9.74%** 48 Months
9.99%** 60 Months
10.24%** 72 Months

Share Secured Loans- Call or Apply Online

Select “Signature Loan” within application

As low as 3.00%APR above Regular Share or Share Certificate Rate***** If secured by Share Certificate, cannot exceed certificate term

VISA Credit Card- Apply Now

Classic- 8.90%**

Rewards- 9.90%**

Home Loans- Apply Now

Click here for today’s rates

Home Equity Line of Credit- Call or Apply Online

As low as 5.00%**

Home Equity Loans- Call or Apply Online

3.25%* 5 Years
4.25%* 10 Years

Overdraft Line of Credit- Call or Apply Online

Select “Signature Loan” within application



* APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Offer subject to credit approval and rates are subject to change. The rate (non Real Estate loans) listed assumes an automatic payment method and is for new loans to GRFCU only.  Any Credit Union loan that is not in good standing or delinquent will disqualify you for Rewards Rates. For U.S. residents, rate applies to current year model with a loan term of up to 60 months (based on credit worthiness), up to 100% LTV (loan to value).  Rate discounts applies to loans (non real estate) that are applied for via the Great River online application.  Please call for rates on older model vehicles. Loan amount will be determined by income and other factors. An example of payment terms are as follows:  2.99% APR over 24 months would be $42.98 per $1,000.00 borrowed.  Rate reflects all available discounts.  


**APR is Annual Percentage Rate. APR is subject to change. The rates listed assumes an automatic payment method. All rates (non Real Estate loans) are subject to credit certification and approval. The rates shown are the lowest available and your rate may be higher. The home equity line of credit and credit card are variable rate products based on a margin above the Wall Street Journal posted Prime Rate.  That margin will be assigned based on credit score and other factors. An example of payment terms are as follows: an amount financed of $7,500 with an APR for 12.75% and a term of 60 months would have a monthly payment of $171.41.


***APR- Annual Percentage Rate.  Rate and terms apply to RV, Camper, and Titled Fish House Loans only.  Offer subject to credit approval and rates are subject to change.  The rate listed applies to new collateral and assumes an online application was taken, along with other credit factors.  Rate and terms of 180-239 months are for loan amounts of $50,000-74,999.99.  Term of 240 months is for values of $75,000 and above.  An example of payment terms: amount of $75,000 with an APR for 5.50% and a term of 240 months would have a monthly payment of $515.92.  Other fees and restrictions may apply. 


****APR- Annual Percentage Rate.  APR is subject to change at any time.  Subject to credit approval and a qualifying checking account.  Payment is 2% of the balance or $20, whichever is greater.  Balance will be transferred in increments of $300 per overage.   


*****APR- Annual Percentage Rate.  Subject to member and loan credit approval and qualification.  APR is subject to change at any time.  Rate is based on the current rate on the Share account that is being pledged, plus a margin.  Share Secured loans are secured and terms can not exceed the current Share Certificate term.  Other fees and restrictions may apply.  




Subject to change without notice


Compounded Monthly
$10.00+ .05%* .05%*
Compounded Monthly 
$10.00-2,499.99 .05%* .05%*
$2,500-9,999.99 .10%* .10%*
$10,000-24,999.99 .15%* .15%*
$25,000-49,999.99 .15%* .15%*
$50,000-99,999.99 .15%* .15%*
$100,000+ .15%* .15%*





$500 Minimum Investment



Compounded Monthly

  Classic Premier Classic Premier
6 MONTH .25%** .30%** .25%** .30%**
12 MONTH .40%** .45%** .40%** .45%**
18 MONTH .15%** .20%** .15%** .20%**
24 MONTH .25%** .30%** .25%** .30%**
36 MONTH .35%** .40%** .35%** .40%**
48 MONTH .45%** .50%** .45%** .50%**
60 MONTH 1.00%** 1.05%** 1.00%** 1.06%**


Bump Up Options:  Take advantage of our Bump Rate features which allow a one or two-time rate increase during that term, for qualifying new or renewed Share Certificates.  A one-time rate increase qualifies during terms of 24-months or longer.  Two-time rate increases qualify for 60-month certificates only.  Contact a Member Advisor to set up this option for you.


Dividends Compounded Monthly, penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.  Some restrictions and fees may apply. Limited time offer to end at the Credit Union’s discretion.


See below regarding penalties for early withdrawal on share certificate accounts and for savings and deposit account information or call the Credit Union’s Member Services department at (320) 252-5393. For additional account information and service fees, please see the Membership and Account Agreement Disclosure.


*Dividend earning savings accounts are all variable rate accounts. The dividend is posted at the end of each month and may change monthly, as determined by the Credit Union’s Board of Directors. Dividends are calculated on a “daily average balance simple”. Check deposits will accrue dividends on the business day you place them in your account. Statements will be mailed quarterly, unless you have a checking account where your information would be disclosed on the statement monthly. Statements will include an Annual Percentage Yield earned which will immediately follow each dividend payment noted on the statement. Transaction limitations do not apply on these accounts. Minimum opening deposits are $5.00; this amount must remain in the accounts at all times. Variable rate savings accounts that are closed out before the dividend declaration date at the end of the month will not be credited the accrued dividends. For items that apply to all savings accounts; please see the Membership Agreement Disclosure Booklet and rate sheet for additional information and disclosures. Refer to the services and fees insert for other fees that may be charged.


**Dividend Rates and Annual Percentage Yields for time accounts are fixed for the term of the share certificate. Share certificates require $500.00 minimum opening deposit, unless otherwise noted. For time accounts, interest begins to accrue on the business day you deposit non-cash items such as checks. Service fees (including early withdrawal penalties) may reduce earnings. Share certificates are available for terms ranging from 6-60 months. To obtain the Annual Percentage Yield that is shown on the reverse side of this sheet, you must have your dividends each month compound to the share certificate until maturity. Additional deposits are only allowed at maturity. Partial withdrawals are not allowed prior to maturity. We will impose a penalty if you withdraw any of the deposited funds before the maturity date. The penalty assessed on the amount withdrawn will equal: three months dividends on terms one year or less, six months dividends terms greater than one year. The penalty will be waived in the case of death or judicially declared mental incompetence. The penalty will also be waived on IRA certificates in the case of permanent disability or for members at least 70 ½ who are required to take their minimum distribution. Your account is nontransferable and nonnegotiable. The funds in your account may not be pledged to secure any obligations of an owner, except obligations with the Credit Union. Share certificate accounts are automatically renewable. A maturity notice will be sent 20 calendar days prior to maturity. Unless we are notified, the share certificate will renew with the same term and the current dividend rate, on the day of maturity. You also have a grace period of 10 days from the maturity date to withdraw funds without penalty.