Which Coffee Are You Winner- Whitney

Which Coffee Are You Winner- Whitney 1

We teamed up with 104.7 KCLD to do a fun little survey to predict what kind of coffee drinker you were based on your spending and lifestyle habits. Everyone who took the quiz was entered to win a $250 gift card to Jules Bistro in downtown St. Cloud. 


The winner of our contest was Whitney D. from St. Cloud. Her coffee style result was a small latte with skim milk and a shot of Vanilla. She jokingly said that is very close to her favorite drink; which is a necessity since she is a new mom this year! <3 


Here’s a recap of what her coffee style says about her:
Today is a great day to be alive and you plan to enjoy it, but not at the expense of tomorrow. Espresso and steamed milk warm your heart and soul, energizing you for the day and helping you enjoy the sweet life…in moderation.


Get got know Whitney even better with a “This or That” questionnaire below:


Music or podcasts? Depends on the time of day – at work it’s always music in the morning and podcasts during the afternoon. 


Cake or pie? Cake


Tropical  relaxing vacation or mountain adventures? Tropical relaxing vacation


Nice car or nice home interior? Nice home interior


Hamburger or Taco? Taco


Eat in or dine out? Dine out!


Summer or Fall? Fall


Toilet paper: Over or under? It makes no difference as long as there is always some on the roll.


Coke or Pepsi? Depends on the day!


City or Countryside? Countryside


Corn or peas? Corn


Food truck or fancy dinner? Food Truck


Drive nice car or get a “fancy coffee” every day? Nice car every day, but fancy coffee for a good treat!


Cats or dogs? Dogs


Sneakers or Sandals? Sandals


Country Chic or Modern? Modern


Favorite drink (or food item) at Jules? I have yet to find anything I didn’t love at Jules! My go-to is a peppermint mocha, but I love trying the seasonal beverages, too. 


Thank you Whitney and everyone who entered to win! Congratulations and enjoy all of that coffee and treats from Jules Bistro!