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Winter 2023 Newsletter


Brant Hicks

Brant Hicks

Great River President & CEO

A Letter From The CEO:

I want to wish all our members a Happy 2023. We had a very busy 2022 at the credit union and are very happy to have our new members in Minot and Niles. Great River saw significant growth in the past year through the mergers, as well as our efforts to diversify and grow our lending throughout the country. We now have members in 49 States and several Countries. Our geographic diversity has only been available to us through the dedicated work of our team and their willingness to investigate and recommend new technologies, processes, and partnerships. I am grateful to work with such an innovative and talented team. We are all very aware of the challenges that our members and our credit union will likely face in 2023, with the higher interest rates and likely significant recession. My hope is that you will allow our team to talk to you about YOUR STORY and how Great River Federal Credit Union can try to have a positive impact. We will continue to look for opportunities to add products and services that will make it easier for each of you to do business with your credit union.

Another change we will be making in 2023 is related to our Annual Meeting. Prior to the pandemic, we held our business meeting and member recognition at the same time. This year, we will hold a short/simplified business meeting in person in St. Cloud, Minnesota (no giveaways or dinner) and broadcast the meeting for any who wish to attend virtually.  Our member appreciation events, including prizes and refreshments, will be held in each of our branches over the coming year. Be on the lookout for those invitations in your area, and please plan to participate.

Thank you for your membership at Great River FCU. We look forward to serving you this year.

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