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Great River Federal Credit Union, a not-for-profit financial institution, has been dedicated to serving local communities for over 75 years. Evolving alongside the changing banking landscape, we’ve expanded our online services and product range, prioritizing innovation to meet the diverse needs of our members nationwide.

Today, we proudly serve as the go-to financial institution for anyone, no matter where their journey leads.

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New Auto+
2024 - 2023

As Low As


New Auto4.99%24 Months
New Auto5.24%36 Months
New Auto5.99%48 Months
New Auto5.99%60 Months
New Auto6.49%72 Months
New Auto6.49%84 Months

Used Auto
2023 - 2014

As Low As


Used Auto5.24%24 Months
Used Auto5.49%36 Months
Used Auto6.24%48 Months
Used Auto6.24%60 Months
Used Auto6.74%72 Months
Used Auto6.74%84 Months

Classic Auto
11+ Years Old

As Low As


Classic Auto7.24%24 Months
Classic Auto7.49%36 Months
Classic Auto8.24%48 Months
Classic  Auto8.49%60 Months
Classic Auto8.49%72 Months
Classic Auto8.74%84 Months

1APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to credit approval. The rates listed are for new loans to Great River. Rates reflect all available discounts. Doc Prep fee and other restrictions may apply.  Loan amounts will be determined by income and other factors, including collateral details. An example of payment is: 5.99% APR over 60 months would be $19.33 per $1,000.00 borrowed. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

+Current or prior model year collateral that has never been titled and has less than 12,000 miles.

Our Dedicated Lenders

Amber Spanier

Loan Officer

Amber has been with Great River for 8 years, over 5 as a lender. She enjoys helping members achieve their financial goals, whether it’s buying a vehicle, remodeling a home, or consolidating debt. Building strong relationships with members allows her to find innovative solutions for their needs.

Nick Wannigman

Loan Officer

Nick has worked in finance for nearly 7 years, starting as a teller before moving into lending, his desired role from the start. He loves the creative challenge of finding optimal lending solutions for members. He particularly enjoys discussing exciting big purchases with them.

Shannon Wander

Consumer Lending Sales Manager

Shannon, an Army wife and mother of two, is a shopaholic and coffee lover who delights in making people laugh. With 11 years at Great River, she’s been in lending for 8 years. She thrives on crafting lending solutions that match members’ goals and dreams, finding joy in connecting with them along the way.

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