ATM/Debit Cards

ATM Debit Cards

The Card You Choose To Use Matters! 

ATM Cards

Our ATM cash card is a convenient way to access cash, withdraw funds, to transfer funds, and to view balances.
Enjoy the benefits of:


Debit Cards

Our Visa debit/check card looks like a credit card but acts like a check. It offers you the convenience of checking, easy record keeping, affordability, and added security.  The Visa debit/check card has many advantages such as:

GRFCU Debit Card

  • Faster and easier than check writing
  • Eliminates the cost of ordering checks
  • Easy access to cash from ATM machines
  • Maximum purchase at a merchant is $1,500.00 per day.
  • Maximum withdrawal at an ATM is $500.00 per day
  • Charges are deducted from your checking account


Debit Card Rewards

Get cash back offers by swiping your Great River debit card in-store or online at selected stores and restaurants! At the end of each month, rewards will be added to your account!

How to Sign Up

Step 1: Log Into Your Online Banking

Step 2: Scroll down and find the box that says “Purchase Rewards” 


ATM/Debit Cards 1

Step 3: “Click “Start Receiving Offers”, select the offers you want to receive

Step 4: Shop using your debit card to redeem offers.

Step 5: Rewards are automatically deposited into your account monthly 


ATM/Debit Cards 2

Still have some questions? Check out our Debit Card Rewards FAQs, or give us a call!


Toll Free Number for Card Activation / PIN Selection and Change: 1-800-757-9848


Report Lost/Stolen Debit or ATM Cards

During Business Hours- 1-320-252-5393

After Hours- 1-800-472-3272

Cardholder Tips when Traveling Internationally