About Us

About Us


Keeping Our Roots Planted Matters!  

At Great River Federal Credit Union we don’t have customers we have members.  If you join the credit union, you become a part owner in our financial institution. Our ability to provide you with exceptional personal service truly sets us apart from the rest.


The benefits of credit union membership are:

  • Your initial $5 deposit entitles you to ownership of the credit union
  • Credit union earnings are returned to you in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates, and low or no fees services
  • Once a member always a member
  • The more services you use, the more you save with member relationship plans.


Our History
Our credit union was originally chartered in 1948 as The Machinists Federal Credit Union.  The credit union served the needs of the employees of the refrigerator factory, Franklin Manufacturing.


In 1964 the charter was expanded to include several other trades groups and the credit union’s name was changed to St. Cloud T & L Credit Union. Our field of membership was primarily members of local trade and labor unions.  As time went on, more and more employer groups other than the trade and labor unions were able to join the credit union.


In 1999 we changed our name to Great River Federal Credit Union to better reflect our field of membership. Not only were we serving the needs of the Trade and Labor Union workers, we were serving the needs of employees from over 80 employer groups in the state of Minnesota, where the Great River begins.


In April of 2001 Great River Federal Credit Union became a community credit union expanding our field of membership to include the tri-county area of Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties in the State of Minnesota.


Great River Federal Credit Union continues to serve and maintain relationships with the employer groups that represented our field of membership prior to becoming a community chartered credit union. In addition, new employer groups continue to join the credit union and offer our services to their employees as a benefit of their employment.