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U&I Care Award

We have an incredible team of individuals at Great River Federal Credit Union. We created the U&I Care Award to highlight all of the great things that they do to exemplify our core values while making a difference in the lives of our members, community, and co-workers.

We Value…


I will care and collaborate.


I will be your solution advocate.


I will support and participate.


I will be honest and present.


I will treat you with respect.


I will take ownership.

The U&I Care Award is a peer chosen award given quarterly.

Let’s meet Shannon, our 2023 1st Quarter Winner.

Q & A with Shannon

Favorite thing about working at the Credit Union?
Learning our members’ stories.

Fun fact about yourself?
When I was a teenager, I practiced backflips and quickly learned that the soft, green grass really does feel like cement.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Activities with them vary depending on the season we’re in. During the summer, you can find us camping, 4-wheeling, fishing, supporting friends and family at drag racing events, or sitting by the bonfire. In the fall, we gear up for hunting and fish until the ice pushes us off the lake. In the wintertime, I enjoy cuddling up in a warm blanket with a good show or book while the rest of the family is ice fishing or snowmobiling.

Favorite place you’ve been and why?

The raceway is probably my favorite place to go because of the great entertainment, camaraderie, and opportunities to meet new people.

Favorite movie/TV Show and why?
Ford vs Ferrari: It’s an old-fashioned thriller.

Do you have a favorite quote? What is it?

Tomorrow is a new day” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. It gives an opportunity to wake up and start with a fresh slate of possibilities.

My family would say “Did you do your chores?

Donation of Winner’s Choosing

As a part of the award, the Credit Union will donate $50 to the organization of the winner’s choosing, on their behalf. This quarter $50 will be donated to: Camp Sweet Life Adventures. Camp Sweet Life is an organization that is dedicated to creating fun and supportive environments through summer camp programs and year-round events for children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes.


Kate Lauer

U&I Care Nomination:

I cannot express enough how incredible Shannon is and how grateful I am she is on our team. She demonstrates all of our core values on a daily basis. I’m going to focus on:

Unity: Shannon has been my go-to and “trainer” since I have moved into the Internal Auditor position. She makes sure I am included in all communications, and if I’m missing, she will forward to me. She always emphasizing the why, so others can get a full understanding and have an easier time remembering.

Innovation: VERAFIN! Something the Credit Union is going to benefit from immensely, Shannon looked into and has been pushing for this option. I can’t wait to see how it benefits not only her position, but the Credit Union as a whole. Keeping us (and our members) safe is always top of Shannon’s mind.

Authenticity: Shannon values honesty and respect and is great at telling it “how it is”. She is true to herself and will share what is on her mind. If she sees a process/procedure that can be improved, she always shares this feedback so we can better it.

Relationships: Shannon creates deep relationships with others by sharing her expertise and expressing her willingness to help where she can. Shannon really took me “under her wing” and has left me feeling confident in my position. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I’m so glad I can reach out to her when needed.

Empowerment: Shannon has been outstanding at showing me how to do tasks, and then allowing me to take them over. If I forget something, or have any questions, she is here for me and willing to make time to help. She shares resources, tools, and tips she’s found to further my knowledge and better the processes under my position. She even shares webinars and news articles that benefit my new position when she comes across them.

We are so lucky to have you, Shannon! Thank you for all you’ve done in the 18+ years of being here – plus everything you continue to do for us. You’ve helped me out in many different positions, but this one has been the biggest undertaking thus far. I couldn’t have done it all without you! 

Nominator: Haley Styrbicky

Internal Auditor