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Camping; a time for peace, laughter, and adventure. Whether you’re an experienced camper looking for a major upgrade or shopping for your first RV, we’re here to help you finance it. For a limited time, receive a 1% rate discount on top of our already low RV/Camper loan rates* when you use the promo code: RV1%OFF.


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New RV/Camper3.74%24 Months
New RV/Camper3.99%36 Months
New RV/Camper4.24%48 Months
New RV/Camper4.49%60 Months
New RV/Camper4.74%72 Months
New Motorcycle4.99%84 Months
New RV/Camper5.24%96 Months
New RV/Camper5.49%179 Months
New RV/Camper5.74%180 Months++
New RV/Camper5.99%240 Months++

Used RV/Camper

As Low As


Used RV/Camper3.99%24 Months
Used RV/Camper4.24%36 Months
Used RV/Camper4.49%48 Months
Used RV/Camper4.74%60 Months
Used RV/Camper4.99%72 Months
Used RV/Camper5.24%84 Months
Used RV/Camper5.49%96 Months
Used RV/Camper5.74%179 Months
Used RV/Camper5.99%180 Months++
Used RV/Camper6.24%240 Months++

2APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Subject to credit approval. The rates listed assume automatic payment methods and are for new loans to GRFCU only.  Rates reflect all available discounts. Doc Prep fee and other restrictions may apply.  Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.  An example of payment is: 4.49% APR over 60 months would be $18.64  per $1,000.00 borrowed.  Loan amounts will be determined by income and other factors. 

+Rate and terms of 180-240 months are for loan amounts of $50,000-74,999.99.

++Rate and terms of 180-240 months are for loan amounts of $50,000-74,999.99.  Term of 240 months is for values of $75,000 and above.

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Use Promo Code: RV1%OFF

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*Subject to credit approval.  1% rate discount on approved loans and current posted rates.  New and direct loans to GRFCU only.  Other qualifying restrictions may apply.  Subject to change or cancel without notice.

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