Overdraft Protection Products

Having a Back Up Plan Matters! 

Option 1


Attach your savings account to your checking account to avoid being declined. If your checking account is overdrawn and there are funds available in your regular savings account, funds will advance and transfer fees may apply. Transfer Limitations– no more than six (6) preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or internet transfers and withdrawals may be made from each account to another account of yours or to a third party in any month, per Federal Requirements.

Option 2


This is an unsecured loan that may be used as overdraft protection or as a personal loan.

  • The interest rate when there is a balance is 16%.
  • Individual credit limits are based on application information and are available upon approval.
  • Payments are automatically deducted from the checking account on the 28th of each month.
  • Minimum payment is $20.00 for balances of $500 or less, with minimum payment increasing by $20.00 for each additional $500 that is advanced.
  • Advances take place to cover an overdraft eliminating the $35.00 non-sufficient funds fee, or member can request an advance.

System Generated Advances

  • If the checking account is overdrawn, the Line of Credit will automatically transfer funds in increments of $300.
  • If there is not $300 available in the line of credit, the remaining available credit limit will transfer.

Member Initiated Advances

  • When used as a personal loan, advances can be done by member via Call24, home banking or teller transaction at no charge.
  •  Minimum advance amount of $100. If the remaining available credit limit is less than $100, the member may call or stop in to transfer the remaining amount.

Apply online by selecting “Signature Loan”. 

Option 3

You now have the option to let us cover you with up to $500 of overdraft protection by using our Courtesy Pay! Avoid the embarrassment of being declined.
Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual courtesy, whereby we may honor your insufficient transactions up to your limit of $500.00, as long as you continue to maintain your checking account in good standing, which includes at least: 1) you are not in default on any loan obligation to Great River Federal Credit Union; 2) you bring your account to a positive balance at least once every 30 days. Courtesy Pay does not guarantee that Great River Federal Credit Union will pay your insufficient item. However, if you have an overdraft, your account will be charged our standard $35 overdraft fee. If your account is in good standing, as described above, then Courtesy Pay coverage will automatically be added to your checking account to cover checks, automatic bill payments and other debit transactions.

  • Discretionary non-contractual overdraft protection service
  • Non-Sufficient Funds items (NSF) may be paid instead of being returned unpaid
  • $35 per item fee will apply
  • Automatically added to your account for checks and automatic recurring bill payments such as gym membership, electric bill, insurance payment, etc.
  • Contact us to opt in for one time debit card and one time ATM transactions
  • Approval limit up to $500
  • Checking account must be in good standing and open for at least 60 days
  • Please see the Courtesy Pay Policy for full program details
  • Courtesy Pay FAQ

Does this sound like something you would like to utilize with your checking account?  Opt In for Courtesy Pay Here.