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Employee Testimonials 

“Great River goes out of their way to welcome new employees to the team! I was so surprised to receive a welcome kit with swag upon starting at Great River. It was covered with stickers, which really showcases the company’s fun personality! I have worked at Great River for 3.5 months but they have made me feel like I have been with the company for years. The communication is very open no matter what position you are and they encourage people to share ideas and concerns. One thing I really love about Great River is we look for positives rather than trying to find negatives in situations. If a mistake is made, we help each other fix it and build people up because we know mistakes happen (no one makes a mistake on purpose). One challenge of working here is that I came from the marketing world, but everyone has been super helpful with educating me on financial products, services, and regulations. We respect each other’s time and expertise while also collaborating on ideas. Everything we do is truly a team effort. I’d sum up our culture as “just be excellent to each other”. Great River has a generous benefit package that includes all the basic traditional benefits you need while also including non-traditional benefits such as student loan pay down program. Another unique benefit that I LOVE is each employee gets 8 hours of paid volunteer time a year. You can use your volunteer time for any organization you would like, but Great River also partners with our local schools to coordinate volunteer opportunities for employees to take part in as a part of their 8 hours of paid volunteer time. Many companies state that a benefit to working with them is that they have a “work life balance”. At Great River they don’t only state that, they truly live by it and mean it. I look forward to seeing how Great River’s culture continues to blossom for its employees and members.”

– Melissa | Graphic Designer

\“Our slogan is Every Story Matters and as a company we live it every day. From the day I started I feel that everyone here is looking out for each other and our members. We try to customize every experience for members so they are heard and can find guidance with their financial needs. This is also true for the employees at Great River FCU. The benefits offered help both with our work days and personal lives. The flexible schedule and the ability to take time to volunteer in my daughters classroom has really helped me keep my work/life balance.

I feel heard as an employee at Great River. When I need help finding a solution for a member or a general work question everyone is always willing to brainstorm find the best solution.

When I started I was not only surprised at how willing the other employees were to help each other but the fantastic benefits that are offered like the 7% match to our 401k, or the up to $900 a year HSA match, and so much more.

Over the course of my career with Great River federal Credit Union I have found that everyone is very welcoming and the management truly cares about their employees. Starting out as a teller I’ve been able to work my way up to my current position in Accounting, and I feel the company encourages us to grow with them through the training sessions and career opportunities offered.  My peers are supportive and approachable which  makes this an enjoyable place to work.”

– Courtney S. | Accountant II

“Great River genuinely cares about their employees. Management believes in the perfect work/life balance, and is willing to make changes in the schedule if needed. When new opportunities are available, they look to promote within first. We strive to help each other, our members, and our community in any way we can!”

– Haley | Branch Support Specialist

“Since the moment I walked in the door at GRFCU I have continued to find opportunities to advance. I first started as a Member Advisor I (formerly Cash Manager) and am now the Consumer Processor Underwriter. There is always something new around the corner whether to advance your career or even the great benefits! They currently offer a paydown program for qualified student loans that will help me to pay them off faster! Your coworkers really become like family and that’s such a positive atmosphere.”
 – Heather A. | Consumer Processor Underwriter