Savings Accounts

Having Different Accounts To Save Your Money In Matters! 

A $5.00 minimum deposit into a regular savings account is a member’s share in the credit union.  This represents your ownership in Great River Federal and opens the door to a full array of products and services. If you are able to grow this account, dividends are compounded daily and credited monthly on an average daily balance of $10 and above.

Ready to open your Savings Account and become a Member at Great River Federal Credit Union? Stop by one of our branches with:

  • 2 forms of Identification
    -1 has to be a State Identification Card/Drivers License or Passport (please note if your address isn’t valid on your id, you are required to also bring in a piece of mail or lease agreement to prove residency)
    -2nd form of id can be a social security card or debit/credit card with your name on it




Open an account with our online application, video chat with a Member Advisor, or stop in at any of our branches.

Special Savings

A favorite account for the budget planning people in your life.  Save for a vacation, education, or special event with a special savings account and watch it grow! There are no minimum balance requirements. A special savings account earns the same dividend rate as a regular savings account. Dividends compound daily and credit to the account monthly for accounts with balances of $10.00 and above.