More for Members

More for Members

Adding Fun Extras for Our Members Matters!  

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Discounted Tickets

We enjoy providing our Members with as many benefits as we can to save you more money! Check out these great deals on tickets to different attractions around Minnesota and pick up your discounted tickets at any of our branches.

Nickelodeon Universe





Nickelodeon Universe Wristbands

Regular Price: $36
Our Price: 28



Marcus Theatres





Movie Theater Tickets at Parkwood Theater

Box office Price:
Up to $13.50
Our Price: $8








Valley Fair

Adult tickets-
Box office price: $55
Our Price: $40

Ride & Refresh- (GRFCU Special! Not available at the gate.)
Our Price: $45

Parking Pass-
At gate: $16.18
Our Price:$14



Renaissance Festival








Renaissance Festival Tickets

Adult tickets-
Box office price: $24.95
Our Price: $20

Food Coupon Book: $5


Postage Stamps

Save a trip to the Post Office! We offer postage stamps at normal selling price.



Debit Card Rewards

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