Great River Gives Back Donation Program

Great River Gives Back Donation Program


Giving Back to Our Community Non-Profit Organizations Matters!  


Our Purpose-

Our focus is not only to provide affordable products and services, but to also support our members and local communities in the areas where we all live, work and play.  We are deeply committed to creating a positive impact and are excited to begin our Great River Gives Back campaign.


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2019 Donations:



Great River Gives Back Donation Program 1



Foley Fire Department Equipment donation



2018 Quarter 4 Winner:

The Weekend Project Winner

The Weekend Project- Feeding Young Minds- Providing 50 Sauk Centre Elementary students weekend food packs.  Each pack contains 2 breakfast items, 2 mini meals, 2 snacks and 2 fruit products to feed the children over the weekend who don’t have enough to eat when away from school. With the awarded the 2,500 dollars, 13 students will have weekend meals for the whole school year.  Learn more on their Facebook Page



Quarter 4 Finalists:Compassion Connection Runner Up

The Compassion Connection- 

Fund will be used to purchase essential tangible items for foster, adopted, low income children and their families, including but not limited to clothing, bedding, formula, bottles, diapers and Christmas presents.

Learn more on their Facebook Page




Terebinth Refuge-

Terebinth Refuge Runner Up

Funds will help with maintenance of their service vehicle used for transporting residents to social services, medical, court and school appointments. Will help to provide all new tires, winter maintenance, oil changes, and gas for the winter season. Learn more at their website


2018 Quarter 3 Winner:

Quiet Oaks Hospice House Winner

Quiet Oaks Hospice House- Since awarded $2,500, they will use the funds to provide education and special training for staff and volunteers on the special needs of veterans, such as lingering trauma or unresolved emotions from service that can resurface at end of life.

One out of 4 individuals in need of end-of-life care are veterans. The needs of veterans at end-of-life can be complicated and exacerbated as death draws near. In 2016, in an effort to deal with these unique challenges, Quiet Oaks collaborated with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Network and the Veterans Administration to earn the ‘recruit’ status in becoming a We Honor Veterans Partner. This national initiative prepares Quiet Oaks to:

  • Build professional and organizational capacity to provide quality care for Veterans
  • Develop and/or strengthen partnerships with VA and other Veteran organizations
  • Increase access to hospice and palliative care for Veterans in their community
  • Network with other hospices across the country to learn about best practice models. They seek to educate staff and volunteers about the unique needs of veterans, honor our veterans with tributes and special ceremonies to thank them for their service, support their families and raise awareness in our community about these needs.  Learn more about how to become involved by visiting their website.


Quarter 3 Finalists:

Sauk Rapids VFW Post 6992- 

Sauk Rapids VFW Runner Up

If awarded the $2,500 the funds would first be used to host a HUGE membership drive to our more recent veterans and active service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This would be a fun event with food and really an opportunity for Veterans to check it out without any pressure.

The additional funds would be used for our relief association that helps Veterans with temporary housing and transportation when they are released from the V.A. as well as other needs that come up on a case by case basis for our Veterans. This can be in the form of bus trips or tickets for loved ones to see their spouses, gas cards, etc.  Learn more about membership and their organization as a whole on their website.


You St Cloud Stand Down Runner UpYour St. Cloud Stand Down- We have been helping Vets and homeless Vets in need for 20 years. We receive no funding from any state or federal agencies or grants. YOUR St. Cloud Stand Down is the original partner in the Vet-Net program. . Serving the individual needs of the 100+ homeless veterans in our community by providing them with essentials such as boots, warm clothing and sleeping bags as well as helping with employment and long term solutions and help. We prepare Veterans to have: Boots on the ground and Mission ready for life. Veterans helping Veterans is more than just a motto, it’s a dedication of honor. Get connected and learn more on their Facebook Page.




2018 Quarter 2 Winner:

Sauk Rapids Fire Relief Association Winner

Sauk Rapids Fire Relief Association- It’s no question that Sauk Rapids could use an airboat for rescues, especially on the Mississippi River. Which is why Madelyn Adamski raised $76,000 on her own to get this much needed tool for the rescuers. The $2,500 will be used to purchase the necessary 5 dry suits for the operators and rescuers to protect themselves from the frigid temps. The River is almost always only 33 degrees most of the year! This will be a huge help for rescue services for not only for S.R.F.D. but all the surrounding communities that they mutual aid with. Congratulations Sauk Rapids Fire Relief Association!






ELIGIBILITY: The Great River Federal Credit Union (GRFCU) “GRFCU GIVES BACK PROGRAM” is offered and open only to those organized as a non-profit organization that serves one of the categories of Health/Wellness, Public Safety, Veterans or Homeless/Basic Needs, and also has a physical address located in Benton, Sherburne or Stearns counties, in Minnesota. By entering and by winning the Program, you agree to these Program rules.  No fee is required for entry. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. 

GRFCU may NOT consider contributions to the following:
• Sponsor(s) of or to political or partisan organizations.
• “For-profit” organizations.
• Religious groups or religion-based organizations.
• Individual teams or smaller sports organizations that do not benefit a large segment of the community.
• Individuals (including members) or organizations seeking funds for personal or individual endeavors, including reimbursement for medical needs or expenses.
• Those organizations where funds would be used for the purpose of building assets or capital.
• Those capable of supporting themselves.
• Individual(s) or group(s) that is not representative of the communities GRFCU serves.

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