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Making A Difference Award
2021-Quarter 4

We have an incredible team of individuals at GRFCU. We created the Making a Difference Award to highlight all of the great things that they do to exemplify our core values while making a difference in the lives of our members, community, and co-workers.

We Value…


I will care and collaborate.


I will be your solution advocate.


I will support and participate.


I will be honest and present.


I will treat you with respect.


I will take ownership.

The Making a Difference Award is a peer chosen award given quarterly.

Let’s meet Meggan Schwirtz (AVP Branch Experience), our 4th Quarter Winner.

Q & A with Meggan

Favorite thing about working at the Credit Union? 
Hands down – getting to do what’s right for people.

When not at the CU working, what’s your favorite thing to do? 
My son and I enjoy going to the movies – eating all the popcorn!
My daughter and I love supporting local – shopping, eating, and speaking to local business owners about the passion they have for what they do.

Fun fact about yourself?
I own a shoe in every color imaginable.

Favorite place you have ever been?
Sanibel Island, Florida

Favorite movie or show?
My favorite movie is “Father Of The Bride”.
My favorite TV show is “Ted Lasso”.

 Favorite quote?
“Always Leave People Better Than You Found Them.” -Marvin Ashton  

Donation of Winner’s Choosing

As a part of the award, the Credit Union will donate $50 to the organization of the winner’s choosing, on their behalf. This quarter $50 will be donated to: Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Central Minnesota, an organization that helps deployed military families.

Meggan S.

Unity: Involves all of the Branch Managers to get their ideas, needs to make the credit union better

Innovation:  When we have problems with things in the branch, Meggan advocates to find the solution to make things easier for us

Community: Meggan encourages all of us Branch Managers to get out in the community, by attending Chambers, Great River gives Back, parades etc. But she also participates in most of these.  Even when she lives a couple of hours away she still makes it a priority to participate.

Authenticity: You can tell she cares about the credit union and her team

Relationships: She treats all of us with respect

Empowerment:  Takes Ownership to help the branch meet their goals, and holds the team accountable

Nominator: Chelsea Jacobson

Branch Manager

Meggan has hit the ground running from Day 1 and has been a HUGE Great River cheerleader every minute of every day!  She has a million things to juggle and still maintains such a positive attitude and is always focused on more- more quality employees & training, more employee satisfaction, more members, more referrals, more loans, more problem solving, more community involvement, more marketing initiatives, more productive meetings, more ideas…and more FUN!

UNITY:  Meggan is the poster child for caring and collaboration!  She cares with every fiber in her being and will get anyone together to brainstorm and work through things.  She has been a Marketing fan all along and has helped us in many ways by either helping with events herself or getting her team on board.  If there is an issue or Marketing gets an email or message through social media channels, Meggan cares and digs in as soon as she is able.

INNOVATION:  Almost 100% of the time when marketing has an idea, we hear, “What about this too?” or, “What if we tried this next time?!” from Meggan.  She is always going to figure it out and come up with a solution.  I cannot count the amount of times Meggan has responded to me with, “I got it.” or “On it!”

COMMUNITY:  If you’ve spent any time with Meggan, you know that Community is super important to her.  She will drop anything to help at events and support her team, while representing GRFCU well.  (hidden talent) Meggan is also a girl that can knock out a social media video cut- first take!  With her, we can shoot a Live video and have confidence that it’ll be stellar.  She also, if you haven’t seen, is really great at her personal social pages and marketing her love for Great River.  She does it creatively and professionally.

AUTHENTICITY:  Another “Meggan-ism” is, “If I’m being honest…”  which we all know she always is 😉.    She is direct and will get to it.  That way of Managing is incredibly helpful and will only level up everyone at the CU.  Iron sharpens Iron.

RELATIONSHIPS:  This too.  She is a relationship junky and cares about building them with everyone she meets.  Recently, she shared with me how when in the community and meeting with anyone, she figures out how to relate to them and makes sure they know that what they do or who they are, MATTERS!  It doesn’t have to be all sales and products/services…we start with building a relationship and then ask for business when it’s the right time and we have the tools to help them.  I would safely bet that she’s hugged a few strangers in her day.

EMPOWERMENT:  Meggan will own things and take them to her team to have them own their stuff too.  She is someone that is driven by goals and understands that it takes confidence, training, experience, and ownership to be really great.

Nominator: Amy Hennen

AVP Marketing