Your GRFCU Credit Card Updates

New Credit Card System 


Our new credit card system, EZcard, is now live! To get started using EZcard you must first enroll and create your login information at this link: The EZcard login you create will be what you can use to access your credit card information for the time being. Our team is working hard on integrating EZcard into GRFCU’s online banking so you can access your credit card information through there in the future.


We have included step by step instructions below to help make this process as “EZ” as possible. But if you need further assistance accessing our new credit card system, we would be more than happy to help. For questions please call 320.252.5393.

How To Enroll in new Credit Card System 

Available 2/26/2020

Step 1

Your GRFCU Credit Card Updates 1
Log into your online banking account and click the “Credit Cards” tab in the top menu bar.

Step 2

Your GRFCU Credit Card Updates 2
Once you are in the new EZ Card Platform, you will need to reset up your account. You may do this by clicking “Enroll Now”.

Step 3

Your GRFCU Credit Card Updates 3
There are many wonderful options within this system! You are able to see transactions, make payments, and sign up for credit card eStatements. If you have previously received your statements electronically, you will need to re-register for them by clicking on “View Statements”.

Step 4

Your GRFCU Credit Card Updates 4
Once you are in your statements tab, you can simply click, “Sign Up Here” to Go Paperless.

If you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact Our Team