It’s a True Minnesota Tradition

At Great River, we know that Every Story Matters and wanted to share a really special story that came from our AVP of Branch Experience, Lindsay Salzbrun

My very special Grandparents Lee & Bev Bahr bought their 1st MN State Fair Food stand back in 1963 with 3 more stand purchases shortly there after! 56 years later… Yes my Grandparents are still running the show! ❤ As a little girl, barely seeing over the counter I learned many, many lessons of customer service, how to handle and combat my grandfathers many practical jokes, business etiquette, customer relationships and money handling… yes, as a 10 year old I was training new employees to learn to count change back to customers. I spent 17 years staying with my Grandparents for 3 weeks every summer to work at the State Fair; 4am-6pm daily (unless I needed to shower I had to set my alarm at 3:30am before my grandpa would get up. If he decided he was out the door… we were out the door… no questions asked.) As I took a step back from working the fair when my youngest was born, I was at peace knowing all of my younger cousins had grown and easily took my place… keeping Grandpa inline 😉 My family still visits every year regularly (2-4x) and with my traditional first day “YOU CAN DO IT” phone call, I call my grandma every other day for updates on how her days went. Attendance, weather, facility updates, new products, family matters… our conversations are priceless and it’s as though I haven’t missed a beat!
The second my oldest daughter is able (which is only 2 more years)… I will be back in action teaching her the ropes and many lessons that come with this amazing family tradition.

With this I leave you…

The stories that go on behind the scenes at the fair are endless, it is ALWAYS fun to hear the amazing food tidbits, and Traditions are PRICELESS.


Enjoy the Great Minnesota Get Together this weekend, and stop by one of our families shops to support them if you get a chance! 



It's a True Minnesota Tradition 1