Karla R. is the Winner of the Q1 Making a Difference Award

Get to know Karla R. the winner of our 2018 Q1 Making a Difference Award.  This Award is a peer chosen, quarterly award given to an employee who truly makes a difference in the lives of our members, community and coworkers. After 17 years at Great River FCU, Karla is a familiar face that many of our Members enjoy seeing each day! Her friendly demeanor and personal conversations help our members truly know that we care about them. Congratulations to Karla and “Thank You” from all of us at the Credit Union for all you do for our members, employees and community. You are truly appreciated and we are lucky to have you!


Get to know Karla a little more below:


I would have to say that we are finally approaching my favorite time of year. The smell of spring and summer is in the air. When I am not working you can often find me in my back yard tending to my vegetable and flower gardens. Most of my summer weekends are spent with family and friends creating memories. I enjoy watching the grandkids play basketball, baseball or even a game of kickball.

If you were to ask me what is my favorite thing to do I would reply with creating memories. I enjoy doing little things that make a person laugh or smile.

As a cancer survivor, I am passionate about helping others who are diagnosed. I am dedicated to doing everything I can so that this journey is just a little easier.

My favorite thing about my job would be the interaction with our members. I find it to be rewarding when I can suggest a product or service that could save our members time or money.

Some family members and close friends have described me as being caring, supportive, inspirational, passionate, spunky, creative, fun, cheerful and friendly….. I would add a dash of a good kind of crazy.

One of my favorite quotes: Life is a journey not a destination.